May 22, 2006 at 10:12 am (Uncategorized)

Anyone out there into The Broken Family band? Saw them last week at the Water Rats, and while it was not the best gig I've seen them play, I did manage to have a quick chat with the singer (anyone know his name?) which was fun. I like his liberal use of the 'C' word – very refreshing… 



  1. summerslummin said,

    very sketchy venue The Water Rats. Saw the Paddingtons there last Summer. Five skinny 19 year old lads with big guitars, and all heading one way on the M62 south of Hull; destinationa – self-destruction. Lots of Peaches Geldof type groupies offering them all sorts in the toilets and on-stage. Refreshingly rock'n'roll still in the back streets of KX, I reflected.

  2. summerinsw11 said,

    indeed, but surely all good rock’n’roll venues are a bit sketchy? It’s always really hot in the backroom and when it’s packed you can struggle to see the stage. I’d reccomend going into the bar and borrowing a chair to stand on – worked a treat last time…

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